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I know shopping for your Airbnb essentials can be overwhelming, especially if this is your first property. Here’s a curated guide of “Host Approved Items” I’ve collected along the way to help narrow down your searches. 


*FYI: As an Amazon Associate, I do earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

Bath Short-Term Rental Source Guide

Bathroom items are some of the most used and replaced items in your short-term rental. I would recommend at a minimum mid-quality towels. The reason many owners prefer sourcing from Amazon for them is the quick turnaround time to receive replacements. Turkish Cotton is fairly absorbent and has laundered well from my experience.


Another tip to extend the life of your towels is to make sure you also supply dark-colored makeup towels or disposable make-up remover cloths. Stain treating your regular guest towels is time-consuming and causes quicker wear on materials.

Happy Styling!

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